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Poster Zine 5

January 27, 2012

So busy at the moment, my drawing hand hurts. Doing concept work for an illustrated novel which is a lot of fun and actually pays me real monies! Will post up the work as soon as I can. Meanwhile more Poster Zine. Incidentally this is my least favorite image, the expression I drew on the fox’s face infuriates me but some people said they liked it and I was pushed for time. Also not sure why it came out so faint, it gives the impression this is a weak fart of a drawing, I will endeavor to fix this and transform it into a mighty roar.

Poster Zine 4

January 26, 2012

Poster Zine 3

January 24, 2012
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Poster Zine 2

January 23, 2012
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Pissted Ziiiine

January 22, 2012

It’s 2012. we will all be dead before the new year. With that in mind I started a Poster Zine to lighten up the impending Apocalypse with images of pastel women in robotic situations. I WILL POST ONE A DAY FOR THE NEXT 9 DAYS TO APPEASE THE DARK GODS OF MAYHEM…

Playdat dat dat da da Date!

January 20, 2012

Here I present to you the November Playdate poster in all it’s digital fineitude. It’s always good doing posters for Playdate because not only are they top blokes who run one of the friendliest and fun(nest?) clubnights in Edinburgh but they blow these posters up to incredible proportions and stick them up on the Cowgate for all the people to see! Will try and get some photos up of the next one in situ.

Here was the rough…

And the final, not many changes as I was a bit pressed for time on this one and they generally trust me to come up with the goods…

Secret Wars

January 20, 2012

So last year I got involved in the worlds premier live art battle that goes by the name of Secret Wars. A few Too Much Fun Clubbers were selected to take part in the Glasgow event which took the format of a series of knockout battles. In Secret Wars you are given 90 mins to draw an 8 by 8 foot mural using only black ink and paint with no sketches or visual aids.

Due to an unfortunate mix up I went under the name of KVM ALIEN. Stupid names aside the whole experience was goood times and I made it through to the quarter finals only to be knocked out by my good buddy Alfie Dex! Tommy Dutch of Too Much Fun Club is now overseeing the Edinburgh franchise which kicked off with a friendly intercity Glasgow V Edinburgh death match!

Massive thanks to Conzo for getting us all involved. Check out his incredible art here…

Please peruse a selection of pics of the whole thing below and check back for any updates on future battles 🙂

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