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Poster Zine 6 (everything that is wrong with visual communication)

January 31, 2012

This is my favorite from the Zine but also the one I got the worst feedback on. A tutor at my College told me that this is “everything that is wrong with visual communication”. He was sort of joking but I can see his point, I think he found it a bit exploitative which is something I was trying to avoid throughout the whole Zine. He also found the Japanese lettering a bit tacky. Fair enough!

In my defence I was very influenced by things I saw when I was younger.

Another issue I had with this Image was the proportions of the Womans body and her perspective relative to the car. Thanks Oliver Ninnis! To be honest I have been looking at it for too long now to have an objective opinion so please comment if you think this looks like a ridiculous mess, feedback does help!

Next post: More Zine!

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