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Le Chat et Chien

January 12, 2012

Man those animals just don’t get along, when will these guys join forces and fight against their human overlords? Not while were still pumping out propaganda like Cats and Dogs, a film made by computers putting talky mouths on the faces of Cats and Dogs like some sort of twisted puppet show. I’d like to see a cat put a face on a computer, HA!

This was an editorial for a magazine article ages ago about how Itunes was killing piracy, I shouldnt have bothered because they printed it so small you could hardly see and they had some text covering up the Pirate Bay logo on the dog making the whole thing completely pointless!

As with most of my stuff i penciled the image first then inked it with technical pens hence the thin scratchy lines. I then scanned it and set the line art as a multiply layer in photoshop. I probably put a filter like ‘posterise’ or ‘photocopy’ on the lineart to make the lines stand out a bit more. The inky effect was actually a blend of different water colours which I made greyscale to fit the rest of the image. That slides right under the multiply layer and i filled in the purple background on a seperate layer. I left in a fair bit of the visual noise and specks that you get from scanning in art as I like having things looking a bit rough round the edges.

Anyway this is just one of many posts which will have images that are just lying around on my computer or floor. Tomorrow I am headed through to sunny West Lothian to scan all of the old comics I did with Duncan Robertson and Greg Caldwell when we were young and stupid, young, drunk and stupid, young, drunk and high and stupid…

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