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“I’ll call you SPEAK…. because thats what you do”

November 16, 2011

I love Speak so much. I would have my own speak but Capybaras are few and far between in Scotland.

I’m pretty sure Speak first appeared in The Tick episode Sidekicks don’t Kiss which isn’t that great except that Speak is in it. You should look it up on Youtube because it sets up the Tick/Speak relationship.

My favorite speak episode though is definitely The Tick Vs Arthur. You can watch a crappy out of sync Youtube video below. If you know where you can get a decent copy of this please get in touch.

One day i will sample Speaks grumble for a ringtone!

Anyway here is a picture i did of Speak.

Been experimenting with textures in Photoshop, pretty much computer colouring everything at the moment, I get much less paint on my clothes that way. It’s supposed to look a bit slapdash and messy, maybe it just looks like i rushed it.

I also attempted some screen-printed t-shirts, they came out OK but the process is very fiddly.

Anyway more t-shirt news to follow, if I ever get round to properly updating this thing.

P.S- Im pretty sure one of the writers on The Tick went on to create the amazing Venture Brothers. Hot dog!

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  1. Jean-Paul permalink
    November 18, 2011 1:16 pm

    Those are nice shirts! I made a t-shirt recently, just using a fabric pen, and it looks good from far away, but up close, it does indeed just look like I drew on a shirt with a pen. Bah!

    I would like a nice collection of The Tick on DVD, but it’s always hideously expensive. About £100 on Amazon, last I checked? I miss The Tick.

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