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October 25, 2011

Ocht! It’s been a while since the last update. I would have updated sooner if I hadn’t visited a popular memory implant service after having recurring dreams of an alien structure on Mars.

Imagine my surprise when I was unceremoniously dumped in a Johnny Cab after suffering a schizoid embolism in the implant machine. Anyway it turns out most of my friends and family, including my smoking hot wife were agents of the Martian colonial authority who then tried to kill me after they learned of my memory meddling, BUT I KILLED THEM! Bla bla bla, turns out im Hauser, got my ass to Mars. Fat lady bomb head, three boobed girls, meeting with Quato, “Open your mind!”, “GIVE THESE PEOPLE AIR!”, “See you at the party” activate the Alien thingy, eyes all poppy out, bish bash bosh Mars has got an atmosphere and i’m living a happy new life with whats her puss. Or am I?   Anyway I also managed to squeeze in some drawings and what-not which i will show you HERE!….

This was a commission for the excellent Edinburgh club night PLAYDATE. Be sure and get down to Sneaky Petes on the last Saturday of the month to bop the night away with all manner of happening cats. The brief for the poster was for it to be completely hand drawn with the pink bunny character that the DJ Benedict Bull had used before. I had a lot of fun doing it but to be fair I would probably go a bit more abstract with it, ach well, next time. I should point out by the way that I am available for all your poster/flyer drawing needs, just give me a shout on the email at the top of the page and I will be your art whore!

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