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Le Exhibition Extraordinaire!

March 17, 2011

Just last week Edinburghs preeminent drunk-doodlers The Too Much Fun Club launched not one but TWO exhibitions, sending shockwaves through the world of art (probably).

Being a card carrying member it was great to see the work that had previously been languishing in a spontaneously combusting basement flat displayed on walls, where it should be, bringing joy joy feelings to customers of the Boda Bar (Leith Walk) and Outhouse (Broughton St Lane).



Here is the promotional poster I did for the exhibition, based of course on the classic ‘Attack of The 50 foot Woman” poster by Reynold Brown. Chickens hold a special place in the heart and art of Tommy Dutch, im not sure why, you could email him from our swanky new website and ask!

While you are there check  out our boards from previous club nights, buy a loved one a bespoke T-Shirt or marvel at the time lapse based wizardry of Aldo Charlton (EDDIE!). Aldo fell in a vat of magic potion when he was a baby and now see’s the entire world as if it is running in time lapse, true story.

I doff my HTML based cap to Ross MacCrae, Matthew Sloe, David Kemposaur, Odious Bloke, Tex’book Tom, Colin Morton, Davey T and Alfie Dextrous, could not ask for a nicer bunch of chaps to work with.

Special thanks to Duncan Robertson and Greg Caldwell for manning the TMFC emporium of wonderment and to everyone who came on both nights, you guys RRRRAAWWWKKK! yeaH! Look at your lovely faces


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