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Bloody Climax!

March 12, 2011




If you haven’t seen An American Werewolf In London then having your brain scream this into itself as you witness the bloody climax is just one of many reasons why you should.

I really love this film, however it is difficult to explain why in purely cinematic or rational terms. It is so entwined in my childhood memories that I cannot objectively comment on how someone watching it today would react. They would most likely be watching the remastered twenty first anniversary 2 disc special edition. Its crispy digital goodness wipes out the heavy shadows and freaky colour balance that used to make watching 80’s horror films on VHS and cathode ray combo extra scary.

The most traumatic element on my seven year old self was my proto developmental overactive childo imagintaiononings. I didnt so much watch this film as sit cowering with my parents until it got to the most scary bits then hide behind a cushion or jump behind the couch. I would then listen to the horrendous shredding of flesh and death screams while my head filled in the blanks with its own demented visions.

This created a weird fantasy/film hybrid in my young mind where scenes were stretched out and new bits added in, especially in the fucked up dream sequences at the beginning. That’s another thing, those dream sequences were mental! That whole waking up and dream within a dream has become an overused cliche. It is impossible to describe to a sophisticated modern viewer how much that played with my perceptions at the time, leaving me questioning reality like a doped up YouTube dentist boy.

Anyway I have to do an in depth film review as part of my Illustration course and most likely I will do it on AAWIL.  AAAAAAWILLL! sounds good. I am a bit rusty at writing. This blog will be used for me to go into detail on different aspects, scenes, sounds, effects and what have ye. Probably. I have no idea how to write about films. Please feel free to add any comments and insights you may have about the movie, good or bad.

This is also supposed to be an ongoing doodle update blog as I am useless at updating my actual website and it has become an embarrassment (point and laugh at

The title of this blog comes from a Zine I tried to put together and present to John Landis when I heard he was filming Burke and Hare in Edinburgh however like 99.999% of any Zine or comic i have ever started it came to nothing. Curse these lazy hands. The title of that Zine came from the scene in the porno theatre  when the ghost of the guy David Kessler murders in the Tube station says something along the lines of “You must DIE! David Kessler”. David Kessler is the Werewolf. And about 8 minutes later he jumps out the cinema and rips a Policeman’s head off so I suppose that is a good point to tie this up on.

Here’s Nerdo Hero extraordinaire Edgar Wright on the very same subject….



Bon fromage!

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